2011, Pollard,B. (Accessed on 17/03/14 at 1045).

  • Known as one of the most popular naïve painters in the South West of England.
  • He mainly paints seascapes of Devon and Cornwall.  He is well known for his paintings of Smeaton’s Tower and the Dolphin pub.
  • He retired as a psychiatrist in 2005, and pursued his love of art.


Personally I am not endeared to this kind of naive art,because I feel that there is not much meaning and emotion expressed through this kind of painting.  I do like, however,  like his striking use of colour and tones, and how he divides landscapes into sections.  The simple shapes and use of colour bring to mind the Bauhaus School of Art, based in Germany.

I am unsure about whether or not I will feel inspired by any of Pollard’s work, but I will see as the project develops.


Thursday 26/06/14

Defences around Plymouth